1. Suburb of the Month – Balcatta

    Balcatta is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. Its local government area is the City of Stirling. It is a primarily middle-class suburb made up of mainly Italian Catholic, Greek and Macedonian Orthodox families, as well as many families from other European Orthodox religions. It is also one of the largest suburbs in the northern part of the Perth metropolitan area. Much of Balcatta is a commercial and industrial area.


    Balcatta’s name was derived from the Aboriginal words “Bal” meaning “his” and “Katta” meaning “hill”.

    The area be

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  2. Suburb of the Month – Joondanna

    Joondanna is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. Its Local Government Area is the City of Stirling. There is a Catholic church, St. Denis, in Joondanna, and a small Catholic primary school of the same name. Joondanna is named after a farm said to be owned by an early settler in the area.

    Joondanna Heights was the first declared township in the Perth Road District (now the City of Stirling) – the Government Gazette of 17 November 1939 described its boundaries as Balcatta Beach Road (now North Beach Drive, Tuart Hill), Main Street, Wanneroo Road and the City of Perth boundary (Green Stre

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  3. Suburb of the Month – Tuart Hill

    Tuart Hill is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia.

    Tuart Hill is named after the Tuart tree (Eucalyptus gomphocephala) that once grew extensively throughout the area, especially around Dog Swamp. In 1914 the suburb name of Grenville was proposed as a name for the suburb by the Grenville Progress Association, but not accepted due to its likeness to Granville in New South Wales


    Since 1914, the Osborne Park Agricultural Society holds its annual show at Robinson Reserve in Tuart Hill. The show is usually held around the first weekend in December on Friday and Saturday and features displays

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